Monty and Morgion 144: Pakistan

16Sep05 (Monthenor): It's not really a comic this week, sorry. More of a public service announcement. Last week's comic glorified drunkeness in a way that may be damaging to fragile little minds. This week is a cautionary tale in an attempt to balance that out.

Friday nights, home of the awesome SciFi Friday programming block, are a good a reason as any to get together in an apartment and drink some beers/rum. Lots of rum. Holy crap, there was so much rum. Three weeks ago my purchase of this totally sweet watch was still fresh, still in the front of my mind. And after drinking like it's Friday, the front of your mind is all that is left.

Please, kids, if you're going to get drunk, please be responsible and do not do it while you have access to a laptop. Items that are usually good for a small chuckle suddenly become must-haves. It is all too easy to make one little mistake -- or a series of mistakes, some of which ask for your password -- and end up buying something that would look good absolutely nowhere in your apartment.

Can you imagine the buyer's remorse when you wake up the next afternoon? Are you adult enough to handle the tension while it is shipped from Florida? Are you a bad enough dude to open that huge box they shipped it in? I implore you, please do not make the same error in judgement. Stay sober, stay solvent.

There is also the slight worry that I am, in fact, supporting the terrorists:

Fear my blade, foul beasts! Behold Pakistan, the Drunkhammer!

There has been some talk about getting "the Drunkhammer" engraved on it next to that stupid "Pakistan", but I consider it throwing good money after bad. I'd have to be pretty liquored up to do something like that.