Monty and Morgion 133: Do I Look Like I Karaoke?

01Jul05 (Monthenor): Seriously, I was sick of this story the day it came out. When every single blog and news site exploded at once with wild speculation and rank falsehood, the "information" deluge overloaded all synapses that were not protected by my powerful Apathy Buffer. This is a distaste that can only be expressed through song. I was nauseated all over again by the end of the first verse, but Lammy was nice enough to help out on lead guitar.

02Jul05 (Monthenor): Courtesy of my cousin: She's a superfreak, superfreak, she's super-freaky. Yow.

Also, you know who hasn't posted here in a while? And who will probably want to comment on this comic once he sees it? Morgion. Yeah...about that. I just found out today that he didn't get included in the "gerbilmechs" user group after the server switch, and cannot actually edit the HTML to make his posts. Oops. It's being looked at.