Monty and Morgion 129: Cthulhu's Razor

27May05 (Monthenor): This came about from a conversation Morgion and I had on Wednesday. We were discussing our buddy DAP's life goal of exterminating the human race, and whether we'd want to die first or last. I quipped that this was known as the "Cthulhu Paradox". Morgion preferred the term "Cthulhu Conundrum", as it's not really a paradox, plus those C sounds are cool. I came back with Cthulhu's Razor, pretty much as stated above.

This would be a pretty skimpy update on its own, so I hid a super-secret bonus sketch somewhere on this page and I bet you'll never find it!!!1 Hm. Now it's time to relax from my week of nine-hour workdays and four-hour bar meetings.