Monty and Morgion 125: Talking Smack, Blowing Smoke

15Apr05 (Monthenor): A quickie this week, drawing from the most played-out MM themes (video games, evil appliances, my ego). I had nearly forgotten how much fun it was to completely destroy the Patriots in Tecmo Super Bowl. I had those screenshots done pretty quickly, but I couldn't stop playing until halftime interrupted me. Anyway, I'm spending time on thesis and the next Fark VideoEdit, so...yeah.

Also, I'm setting aside some time to watch a walkthrough movie of the best rom hack I've ever seen. Most of you have played Super Mario World for SNES, right? Okay, good. Here's what you're going to need:

At this point you can try playing the game, but holy Jesus does it look hard. I certainly wouldn't want to attempt this game cold turkey. It takes the conventions of Super Mario World, adds in some Mario 3, and flips a big bird to the player. You remember how in Super Mario World all the keys were practically right next to the "secret" keyholes? Yeah, good goddamn luck finding keys or keyholes in this version. The secret exits are just that.

Or you can take the sissy way out and just watch VIPer7 play it.