Monty and Morgion 123: Dojo of the Flying Parasol

01Apr05 (Monthenor): No April Fools from me. I have something a little more entertaining to discuss.

I believe I've mentioned Bisqwit's Timeattack Emporium before. It's a community of gamers who -- using emulators speed and save states -- beat games so thoroughly that Pong says "Ow!" A week ago I was seized with the desire to timeattack Cocoron. Thanks to the feedback of the Bisqwit forums I think I've finally got a contender.

Here's what you'll need:

Those of you who navigate all those hoops can watch a recording of me beating the holy hell out of Cocoron in 14:46. Open up FCEU, load the CocoronJ rom (File->Open), then play my movie file (File->Replay Movie). It should start from the title screen and bring swift winged pumpkin death to all who stood in my way.


02Apr05 (Monthenor): Addendum! Two new shirt designs at the SPOOGE-GM store: Verbosity and Fish Jam. Inflate my already mammoth ego with your dollars!