Monty and Morgion 093: I Still Know What You Did The Day After Tomorrow

02Jun04 (Monthenor): If ever there was a glowing review of The Day After Tomorrow, this is it.

I'm gone at my sister's gradumatation for the weekend, so...I dunno...go see Harry Potter. I know I will.

03Jun2004 (Monthenor): I just watched the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater trailer, having been clued in by insertcredit's usual self-indulgent reporting style. Tim Roger's verbosity borders on insanity, but he was incredibly right about Metal Gear Solid 2...a link which used to lead to a long essay about video games and postmodernism, but which is now apparently in the "dead" file. Quick, back up the html files for your own later perusal.

But I'm not here to review insertcredit, I'm here to talk about the Snake Eater trailer. I am now gripped with mortal fear of this game. This is not the fear that comes from being pursued by video game zombies, inching along a high ledge, or interacting with malicious technology. This fear is a primal fear, a fear of being lost. What if this game comes out, and I don't get it? Not in a "possess" sense, either. I know I will possess this game. But what if I don't get it? This is a game that will begin, and then it will end, and in between each cutscene (where the game normally goes) all I will think is "I think I need to go lie down."

Gene x Meme x Scene. What the hell does that mean?

I think I need to go lie down.