Monty and Morgion 039: Ash Game Durbatuluk

29Mar03 (Monthenor): After my massive video game post last time, I think I'll let the comic speak for itself.

So I went to both Dreamcatcher and The Core yesterday. It was a whole big planned movie-crap outing, great fun. What I didn't expect was that The Core was actually pretty good. Definitely a cut above the usual SciFi Originals I've been watching. As far as I know the geosciences was solid throughout, but their concept of computer science, with which I am intimately familiar, was horrendously flawed. Like I said after the movie got out, they spent months researching what the effects would be if the core of the Earth suddenly stopped rotating. Then they spent two hours researching what "hackers" do, an hour and a half of which was spent on the seminal documentary film Hackers.

Dreamcatcher...Dreamcatcher. *shrug* It's hard to describe. I can safely say that the commercials we've been seeing for the past two weeks give absolutely nothing away. Based on the commercials and the fact that it's latter-day Stephen King, I was dead set against seeing this movie, in theater or out. Then my brother told me the entire plot, and I didn't believe him. I thought to myself, "There is no way the movie he described could actually exist." No, there were no horse fetuses, but what was in the movie could only be described as surreal. You leave the theater, and you're still not sure you saw this movie. I'm almost certain it was entertaining, but I would have trouble classifying it as either "bad" or "terrible" has carved its own niche somewhere in between.