Monty and Morgion 038: Book of Exodus

14Mar03 (Monthenor): See, this is how it starts. This is exactly how GerbilMechs started. Morgion tosses off some silly thing, and then it gets stuck in my head and I have to do something about it. This time it was the concept of butterscotch exploring our fridge and stanking everything up. That got my brain working: how would Butterscotch Schnapps perceive our fridge? What compelled them to leave the safety of the glass? What dangers would they face on the trail to their new civilization?

These are not the thoughts of a sane person. But I was literally being kept awake by the thought of little butterscotch people fleeing the destruction of their homeland. "But Monty," I would suddenly think, "would they really wear pith helmets? Where would they manufacture these tiny pith helmets?" But now the sad story of the butterscotch is finally told, so GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!

Oh yeah, it's way past time for Spring Break.

Harken onto my infectious brainwaves!
03.15.03 (Morgion)

It's really too bad there isn't a Memehazard Level 4 containment facility in the apartment; that would probably give Monty some piece of mind. However, it would seriously cut down on the content of the Pseudo-Saturday (Friday) postings. So I guess it's a good thing.

For the record, this fiasco (probably) wasn't because of Food Satan's influence; the butterscotch-Coke combo is tasty. However, if a little tastes really good, a little bit more will be even better! *brow furrow* Huh, maybe it was Food Satan…

I recently started reading Back to Iraq 2.0, a very interesting (and promising) journalistic endeavor. Christopher Allbritton, a former APA and New York Daily News reporter, is going to Iraq. No corporate policies, no blonde and critically annoying anchorpersons, just a guy and his blog… and a gas mask or two. He may not find weapons of mass destruction, but he won't be doing anything chronically stupid either.

I like movies. Good movies, bad movies, "enough with the fucking drama" movies; they all have their place. I also like to know what I have to look forward to when we languish in the doldrums where Kangaroo Jack manages to make it to number one in the nation. So here we have the formula for a stunning mindfuck, for good or evil:

Thanks to justice for the graphical representation of this formulaic dream, our LaTeX guru and former proprietor of, now apparently owned by terror-motivated, blathering hippies.

Also on the horizon is the aforementioned Riverworld. Interesting thing about "brought to you by the director of"… it usually means producer, which in my humble opinion has limited impact on the quality of the film. At least not as significant as writer or director. So when SciFi whispers sweet-nothings about Alex Proyas, director of Dark City and The Crow, I get excited.

Then I imdb'ed the actual director Riverworld, Kari Skogland (I guess you could say he directed The Crow, sorta)… let's just say it reminds me of the Christmas where I had this big, heavy box under the tree, and it turned out to be a plastic, tree-shaped candy holder. Except, it wasn't filled with candy. It was filled with pennies. Fucking pennies. About $20 worth. Thankfully for my parents, it wasn't their gift. ;-)

Not that I won't watch Riverworld. I have hope… simple, naive hope.

Well blow me down and call me a scurvy dog!
03.15.03 — 11.05 PM (Morgion)

There is one other name in the cast of characters in that joyous Terry Gilliam movie that I didn't recognize and therefore dismissed as irrelevant: Heath Ledger. I felt somewhat irresponsible for not mentioning him (even though my assuredness of his non-person status can in ~no way~ be construed as blindly arrogant), so I checked him out on imdb for good measure. Here's how it went in my head:

The Four Feathers… ah, the I-wish-I-was-a-foreign-film chick-flick. Monster's Ball; well, at least he's been in something decent. *eyes bulge* A Knight's Tale! *cackle* He's that guy? Oh, the poor schmuck. *chuckle* 10 Things I Hate About You, huh. Good movies, 2; bad movies, a billion (A Knight's Tale… *derisive snort*). *freeze* *gasp* Roar? Roar! He was the star of Roar! COOL!

I never really got to see much of Roar… it was on Fox in the summer of 97; I was camped out at NDSU attending Governor's School at the time. Yet I saw enough to be captivated—picture Celtic mysticism, god-slayers cursed into immortality, the Lance of Longinus (not to be confused with this insane Japanese rambling; more closely related to these intriguing Witchblade appearances), witches (no relation to the foregoing blades of witches), Roman conquerors… damn, I need to get my hands on that show.

It was also one of the progenitors of the "new shows in the vast expanse of the nothingness of summer reruns" ideology. That concept has been expanded to "new episodes throughout the year, with gaping weeks of stale reruns in between". Joy.