Monty and Morgion 001 : Excuse the mess...

22May02 (Monthenor): As the comic suggests, this is just a quick and dirty something that I'm posting until a site design is finalized. I can draw a lot better with a pencil than I can with the ol' GIMP, so it's up to Morgion to make things pretty site-wise. I also know that the uglier I make things now the prettier Morgion will make them later :)

Like he has nothing better to do after a full day of web design than to come home and do web design...

Anyway, this comic doesn't even begin to describe what I personally have planned for this site. The next comic will (tentatively) lay out some ground rules while maintaining that biting wit I hope we become famous for. That's Morgion on the left, and me on the right. My glasses are bigger in real life, while Morgion insists his hair isn't that spiky.

Welcome to GerbilMechs.

22May02 (Morgion): My coif is pointy and trendy, not a buzz cut.

5.27.02 - Correction:
Suck on it Monthenor; I may be a horrible speller, but I obviously meant "a deep drink" instead of coif, "a close-fitting cap," or the even more ludicrous alternative, "a hoodlike cap worn under a veil by nuns." I was, after all, referring to my hair; "a deep drink" makes perfect sense in context... obviously. My spell-checker and I have a deep, personal, and long-term relationship, and it wouldn't lead me astray. Besides, why would I want to use a French word... *exasperated sigh*

There, I said it. Now I can move on with the rest of my life and quibble over some other mundane point... *sigh*

Anyway, as Monthenor mentioned, the current site design is starting to bore its way into my brain. Not at all a pleasant feeling, plus it's rather difficult to get in there to scratch. I'm also concerned about what would happen at my new job if I ran around mumbling "Damn comic... stop gnawing at my frontal lobes!" Medical doesn't start for 60 days, and they may begin to ponder which meds I'm not taking.

So, weekend project: make site pretty. Subtask: make site not brushed steel. I've been going on a brushed steel rampage recently. Monthenor mocked me. *sniff* Brushed steel was perfect for all of those sites! I'm not in a rut...

Besides, it's difficult to combine cold hard mech and warm fuzzy gerbil... um, fuzz. Quite the challenge.