GerbilMechs 161: Pierced by the Spear of Destiny

22Nov05 (Monthenor): OMG TURKEY!!1! There will be no comic this weekend as I will be eating my parents' food.

Indigo Prophecy: This "interactive movie" is a perfect rental. Like a movie, it can be played and beaten in one afternoon, and like (by my estimation) 70% of the fantasy/scifi movies of the past decade, it has a completely bullshit ending that tries too hard to be weird. For most of the game you're all "oooo, Mayan prophecy magic mysticism possession demons oooo" and then all of a sudden WHAM! CYBORG! Most of it is a good movie, and I applaud the developers for trying something that hasn't been done well since the old Bluth laserdisc adventures, but holy god they needed a script doctor for the last fifth. Your last impression of the movie is one of disappointment and bewilderment, tainting whatever joy you might have had from the rest.