GerbilMechs 160: A Notable Lack of Pudding

15Nov05 (Monthenor): I can now unreservedly say that Guitar Hero is the best game I own. The jump from Easy to Medium made the songs a lot clearer and a lot more fun, and Medium-Hard seems to be doing the same.

Still can't five-star Texas Flood, but I'm going to try until my hand falls off. Which is a very real possibility; after an estimated 20 hours of rocking over the weekend, paint is chipping from the strum bar, my left hand is clawing up into chords, and I see scrolling notes when I close my eyes.

That anime Vandread? Yeah, it's pretty good there. It's even better if you and a roommate shout out comments that try to one-up the already thick sexual innuendo laying over the whole series.