GerbilMechs 143: Perched and Perilous

12Jul05 (Monthenor): I'd like to bring up the founding statement of GerbilMechs for a second: "Nanite-enhanced gerbils piloting robot suits piloting mechs." So far we've had the gerbils with the nanites piloting the NECOWAI. I'm trying to work the comics so that the final level of mechs shows up in episode 150, just in time for the new splash graphic and everything. Won't that be exciting? I keep thinking to myself that GMechs is going to end really imminently soon, but with every page I'm reminded that actually getting this last act done will involve a lot more work than simply thinking about it. I've had this portion of the story complete since pretty much day one of the comic...I just gotta draw.

We salute you, Mr. Beer Commercial MP3 Archiving Guy.

13Jul05 (Monthenor): Come play a game with us...