GerbilMechs 122: Wherein Nothing Is Said

08Feb05 (Monthenor): Having a little trouble with the transition to the next block of GM action, don't mind me.

CAR UPDATE: The officer has finally returned my phone calls. He's getting involved again to "start rattling some cages", and has his citation pen at the ready. None of this helps me get reparations for the accident but should settle once and for all whether or not their insurance exists.

DRAMA! I believe I mentioned that I arranged for a tow to move my car from the salvage lot (which has a daily charge) to a body shop nearby. Apparently when the tow company said they could get to it the next day, what they actually meant was they'd never do it and totally not even write down that I called. So the wreck is still racking up charges in the Border Cities lot...all of which go right into the probable small claims court filing.

AND AT LAST, VICTORY! Yesterday I purchased my new vehicle. After four years with the Caprice I wasn't willing to settle for less car, but I definitely needed four doors. Enter the mighty 96 Lincoln Town Car. Morgion commented that "I thought your car before was big. Damn." I feel quite pleased with my new yacht and I hope it'll last me until these badasses come off the assembly line.

Power windows. I feel so spoiled.