GerbilMechs 091 : Day Trip

18May04 (Monthenor): Aaaaaand we're back! Actually we were back late Sunday, but I don't expect many people show up here Sunday night. Just for the record, there was a comic last Saturday. The downtime was completely planned but I forgot to warn you last week. is now on a new server. All the cruft (unused user accounts, mostly) has been cleared away. Big thanks to Lexicon and Smalls for staying up way too early getting everything going again.

19May04 (Monthenor): My links a splode!!

The Infinite Cat Project. Exactly what it sounds like.

My local mirror of one of the greatest dead webcomics, Acid Reflux. Educate thyself.

Don't go here. You don't want to know. Above all, do not watch the movie.