GerbilMechs 078 : Word on the Street

10Feb04 (Monthenor): Cirrus corporation (a subsidiary of GerbilMechs Inc.) and their cartoon mascot Bitey completely own the bite-stick market. Gerbils, however advanced they may be, are still rodents, meaning that they need to constantly gnaw something to keep their growing front teeth in check. Some use files, but most choose to buy flavorful abrasive sticks. It's the nearest gerbil equivalent of brushing.

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness: Disgaea joins Final Fantasy Tactics on the ever-growing list of "games I wish I had time to play". It's a turn-based square-grid strategy game, which I love, but which also take upwards of 100 hours to play properly. I had Disgaea over the weekend. I don't feel qualified to give it a full review but I'll say one thing: It blends cheesy anime conventions and the tactical battle game into a whole that is slightly less than the sum of its parts. I enjoyed the cutscenes during the cutscenes, I enjoyed the game when I was actually playing the game, but jumping between the two seemed overly jarring.

But it does have mercenary penguins. Dood!