GerbilMechs 066 : The Other Translator

14Oct03 (Monthenor): Heh. I'm still trying to think of something I can complain about in Kill Bill (I am defined by negativity), and all I have is "it made me want to buy music from RIAA".

Righto, so I played this Buffy game the past two days. Ouch. In its best moments, when everything is hitting in rhythm, it almost feels like a fight from the show. During the other 99.95% of the game, it's an awkward, arbitrary, frustrating mess. Trying to fight more than one badguy at a time is fraught with peril, and frequently I would find myself totally facing NONE of the two/three/four demons that were happily kicking me in my exposed backside.

Also, I'm not sure if I accidentally turned off all the difficulty or something, but the bosses were all hella easy. The game derives its challenge from the completely inane fetch and key puzzles (one of which isn't even mentioned in the game's quest log!).

I am going to Mechmania this weekend, so there will be NO COMIC ON SATURDAY. Unless Morgion decides to do something.

15Oct03 (Monthenor): I won't be here this weekend, or probably next Wednesday, so I thought I'd do a little something.