GerbilMechs 064 : Brave Face

30Sep03 (Monthenor): okay so i was feeling really tired this morning after my 8am class and i wanted to sit at work for a while so i had a dr. pepper and i had almost forgot how great caffeine is and it's so great except my gamefly games didn't come today and i was hoping to play some tonight but i guess not oh well

k bye

Let the downloading commence.
Morgion // 09.30.03 - 21.45

Magnatune's SSL is up and running; your orders will be secure. Thanks to Lexicon for pointing to the heads up in the Magnatune forums… and don't worry, it is actually working now.

Thanks to some audiophiles, your Magnatune downloads will soon be even smaller (Mr. John Buckman says so) thanks to FLAC.

This one time…
Morgion // 10.01.03 - 06.52

w00t! First post of the month!

So this morning while I was driving to work (at 0600 [shut up; I work better when I start earlier {never mind that i'm not actually working now}]), I saw a cop in front of me as I was coming over the bridge on 12th (for those of you that don't know [yes, Monty, I'd know who's actually reading this if I checked the logs more often than say, never, but you should have access too them as well—you have a way of posting things and then not chmod'ing them correctly, so you're at least as good of an administrator as… ooh, almost let it slip… that reminds me of something I read about blogging, by Jeremy Zawodny…]…)…

Crap. Where was I… oh yes—cop, bridge on 12th. So there's this big bridge that's one of the main thoroughfares for our Fair City's college hooligans (and anyone else in the eastern residential areas). The posted speed limit is like 35 or something, with it switching to 40 on the west side and 25 on the east. Which is irrelevant since 45 feels acceptable for the whole thing. However, that's bad when it's like 2300 and you get caught going 55+ in a 35 zone; that one says "ouchie" for the pocket book.

This time it was 0600 and I wasn't speeding, but like every other fool I feel that $speedLimit−5; is necessary in the presence of law enforcement, so I slowed down. Then my gut wrenched and froze when I realized how I knew he was a cop (at 0600 this time of year in our Fair State it's very dark; pretend it's Alaska, half-day-half-night dark)… his someone's-pulled-over, move-along-move-along lights were on.

Then I realized that (1) cops usually don't pull you over when you're behind them unless you've shot someone (or have been going 55+ in a 35 zone), and (2) he appeared to be oblivious to the sweeping yellow light enveloping his car. Maybe he thought it was the standard scan (heh, probe is a synonym for scan) he always receives from the aliens (see, the former parenthetical was relevant and amusing! [or something]).

At which point I renewed my wish to have a completely new light added to automobiles, the what-the-fuck-are-you-doing light. It could slowly flash if someone's blinker is on, violently (I say 'epileptically') flash when you're backed into in Walmart's parking lot by a huge pink Cadillac (GIS #5) driven by an old granny (everything else was porn… this womman scares me *shiver*) who doesn't notice anything amiss and drives away (true story), and shoot frickin' laser beams at people when you flip them off (including old grannies). It should also pulse with the beat if you're playing Electronica or Track 8; then everyone would have a partymobile.

01Oct03 (Monthenor): I am so proud to attend a school where the fact that you can bet upon the location of a cow taking a crap is front-page news.

Who else here is disappointed in the new Toonami lineup? Last week it was SD Gundam (new) - Dragonball Z - Cyborg 009 - Dragonball (new). SD Gundam is bizarre but has the same strange kiddie appeal as Hamtaro (know your enemy!). Cyborg 009 was just hella stupid, like Kikaider but with humans. Now, however, it's SD Gundam (new) - Samurai Jack - Transformers: Armada - Dragonball (new). I have always hated Samurai Jack, and Transformers: Armada is a Pokemonized disgrace to the Transformers name. There is something very very wrong when SD Gundam is in the top 50% of Toonami shows. There is something even wronger when DBZ disappears completely for the first time in over five years. Sure, they had completed DBZ earlier this year, but the show has a run length of over a year of daily showings. They could loop that forever just for nostalgia's sake. But no...I find it disturbing that I actually long for the days of Cyborg 009.

As if Neverland won't be cracktastic enough.
Morgion // 10.02.03 - 16.38

The Neverland cast includes Johnny Depp as author James Barrie and Ian Hart (he played Professor Quirrell, and should not be confused with Ian Holm… not that I did or anything…) as Sir Arthur freaking Conan Doyle.

I was under the impression this would mostly be a retelling of the story (New Pan Taps Source, Sci Fi Wire, most of the way down), not some crazy-ass documentary (because IMDB plots summaries always describe a single, cohesive movie).

I was looking forward to "dark and inspirational" with cool CGI. I guess morphine-induced daze will have to suffice. Poor Dustin Hoffman's severed finger.