GerbilMechs 063 : Unnecessary Intercession (Five Times Fast)

23Sep03 (Monthenor): Carl is not a student of the subtler methods of warfare. In fact, the GM team as a whole demonstrates a troubling lack of strategy.

My cousin once again comes through with the bizarre Japanese ROMs. You may recall what happened last time I had a NES game recommended to me. Well, now there's WagyanLand, available from a great site that unfortunately discourages deep linking. Get this: you are a tiny cute lizard that shoots words at his (mostly 'shroom) opponents. Bosses are beaten by playing a game of Memory or Word Chain (last letter of your word becomes first letter of their word). Everything was going swell until the last boss, who you must beat at Word Chain after first amassing about 20 words in a row...and if you stick the boss without a legal play, you have to start over. It's that kind of brilliant gameplay that gave me enough time to make this slightly outdated list.

Quizno may not win many customers with a grown man sucking a wolf's bitch-teat, but damn their subs are tasty. Also, I now have enough bookcase space to finally bring all my Crap out of Crap Storage. You may think those sentences are unrelated but you are wrong. They both reference the same car trip from today. Also, both are constructed of letters.