GerbilMechs 062 : Working It Out Internally

16Sep03 (Monthenor): Carl certainly looks determined about something, doesn't he? If I had to guess, he's about to tear up some hamster. But I don't have to guess.

IMPORTANT: this Friday is National Talk Like a Pirate Day. You can bet I'll be celebrating. Too bad I don't get to present anything in XML Seminar yet.

The Unicorn Jelly forums come through yet again. Why didn't anybody tell me about Progress Quest? It's one of the greatest games I've ever played! It's so much like my old pal Zangband that I could probably play it in my sleep, but without the massive interface. In fact, I'm playing it right now!

16Sep03 (Monthenor): if you need more info about Progress Quest, check out this helpful forum thread. I'm playing Monthenor the Low Elf Bastard Lunatic on Expodrine server.