GerbilMechs 053 : Indulging Your Ignorance

08Jul03 (Monthenor): So now we have a little more insight into The Doctor than we did two weeks ago. He's not really a bastard, he's just been through some severe emotional trauma. Or something.

Seems like quite a few people didn't see it somehow, so I'll reiterate the new super-spiffy GerbilMechs merchandise link and think about where to put a more permanent link on the site.

4th of July weekend was pretty good, lots of hanging out with friends and eating things. Oh, and you may remember booze. That was really what the weekend was all about. Friday night I got smasher...smashiered...more drunk than I'd ever been in my life. And then Saturday night I got even more drunk than that. UV Blue Raspberry vodka is a tool of Satan. Sunday was spent recovering. I was never physically sick, but a night of drinking followed by a night of drinkng followed by three hours of sleep made Monty sit still for most of Sunday.

Queue or Stack?
Morgion // 07.09.03 - 20.43

(The nights of drinking sans sleep also made Monty hang his head and look really pathetic. I felt vindicated. *smirk*)

Me, I'm a Stack. Task Number One is supplanted by a Tangential Information Search, which is in turn superceded by Ooh Pretty Website. Eventually I work my way back to square one, and it begins again.

I am disturbed by alleged developments on the set of Star Wars Episode 3; "shaggy, '70s-esque [hair] cuts to match the styles of the original cast."

print ($mantra = str_repeat("Please just be idle gossip. ", eleventy-billion));

Interested in how things turned out with Apple and my PowerBook? Well I got it back from the FNACT, and the screen scrape is no more. Furthermore, since they drug it out over two repairs, they had to replace some parts twice: the Top Case Assy and the LCD Bezel, Alum, Pnt (or, Aluminum Pint, as Monty endearingly referred to it).

However—that's right, we can't get through this without a caveat—in the lower-right hand corner of my screen, there is a pixel that is ill. It's not quite dead, more like it's an anti-pixel; on black backgrounds it appears lighter, and vice-versa. I haven't called Apple Customer Service yet because my will is attempting to regenerate after the sound thrashing.

09Jul03 (Monthenor): Sssh, don't tell Morgion. I paid Apple $20 to screw up one little pixel on Morgion's screen so it would drive him crazy.

I've got a surprise kick-in-the-noots waiting for you, smart ass.
Morgion // 07.10.03 - 11.03

Oh, was that out loud? How juvenile of me. *maniacal grin*

As usually, my witty repartee serves double-duty. Sci-Fi's at it again; or, rather, Bonnie Hammer is. The worst Sci-Fi Originals yet are on their way; apparently their crappy ratings meet the minimum ROI requirements those Neanderthals have in place.

CNN once highlighted her as the embodiment of her network; Bonnie Hammer: She is Sci Fi. The fans know the truth: not only is she stupid, she's "WORST [sic] THAN STUPID". Grammar issues notwithstanding, they're right and do make some good points.

Farscape—gone. "Cost too much." </whiny bitch> The Invisible Man (I-Man) was gone long before that… just because, apparently… and it seems to have a large and vocal following, based on these recent Googles.

What's taken their place? Tracker: it sucks. The Dream Team—oh, wait, they're gone now too, aren't they? Awe, cry time. Of course, there are the Originals. Sci-Fi can't seem to understand this simple equation: more, cheap Sci Fi != less, good Sci Fi. This is one time when less good is more better.

The Stargate: SG-1 season premiere had phenomenal ratings. The current Season 7 was suppose to be the end of the series, branching to a feature film and then a new series, Stargate: Atlantis. But now, the "Powers That Be" are considering SG-1 Season 8; at least someone at Sci-Fi isn't lobotomized.

I'd rather watch superior shows that loop more frequently… I'd probably even watch the really good episodes twice. That will never happen with a Sci-Fi Original; I'm willing to bet an internal organ on it.

10Jul03 (Monthenor): Morgion just convinced me to go to Pirates of the Caribbean: The Noun of the Adjective Noun. My distaste with giving Disney money was countered by Morgion's assertion that I shouldn't look at it as "supporting Disney, but as supporting Johnny Depp's teeth." He's right, of course. Given a choice between giving money to Disney or giving money to Johnny Depp's teeth, the gilded masticators win every time.

Not only does this movie have the longest title I've seen in, oh, FOREVER, it also has a mighty meaty runtime of 2 hours and 28 minutes. Wow. So what's on the soundtrack? Primitive Radio Gods' "Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money In My Hand"? NOFX's "We Threw Gasoline on the Fire and Now We Have Stumps for Arms and No Eyebrows"? Iron Butterfly's "In-a-gadda-da-vida"?

Oh, and I should visit the SciFi boards more often. I had completely forgotten about I-Man. That show ruled. Bonnie Hammer is really teh s uck.