GerbilMechs 045 : A Matter of Diplomacy

06May03 (Monthenor): See, Carl isn't all Boy Scout and sweetness and light. He just took out four Ballbots all by his lonesome. It'd be more impressive if I had the schematics of a Ballbot online...which is what summer is for. Can't rightly spend even more time on GM when I have so many other things to do. Especially for class.

Clones + Alternate Timelines + Genealogy = Aneurysm
05.07.03 (Morgion)

After X-Men 2 (and the entertaining but definitely geeky conversation between Monty and Pezchik's brother during the credits), I was giddy with excitement. I am not a comic book enthusiast, per se, but I grew up on the X-Men cartoons. I know, it's heathen… just like my first exposure to Lord of the Rings was that damn cartoon.

However, it sparked an interest in those crazy mutants and their wacky exploits. I wanted to know more. Like the fact Colossus had a portal-opening sister. Mystique is actually Nightcrawler's mom (probably; it's widely accepted, but she lies a lot). The baby of a mutant father and a clone mother is infected by a techno-organic virus and raised in the future by the relocated consciousnesses of said father and the original version of the mother (I kid you not; his name is Cable). You know, everyday stuff.

So after expressing my interest, Pezchik sent me a link to the Complete Summers Family tree and the rest of the Marvel Universe; well, not all of the universe, but that's what the author called it. Now, I've been a Star Trek fan for over a decade (and I watched the Gargoyles Phoenix Gate saga too), so temporal paradoxes don't phase me. However, genealogies have traditionally been vexing. Toss in clone babies and alternate timelines, and my brain begins to melt down. In a fun way, of course.

However, I think the most disturbing item in the family tree is the "romantic link" (but no children!) between the father of Cyclops and the mother of Jean Grey. You may have noticed Cyclops and Jean have a thing. Eew.