GerbilMechs 037 : Monument to Alec

04Mar03 (Monthenor): There we are, just enough history to get everybody (but me) really damn confused. Never mind Wai's interruptions, you'll find out what happened with Alec and The Retreat in the weeks to come.

Reign: the Conqueror finished up its thirteen-ep run last night. It actually stuck to its own internal logic pretty well, and the revelation of the Platohedron actually caught me by surprise. For all of its faults, it was an interesting glimpse into a time when math and geometry were still considered religions. It starts looping again tonight, so you all have a chance to catch up. I'm recommending it as long as you have protective eyewear.

This is me being hungry and cutting short my post. Kitchen powers, ACTIVATE!

Someone in FX programming has a sense of humor.
03.04.03 (Morgion)

I'm watching Enemy of the State. When I first saw it, I thought it was OK; bit shallow on plot, very… liberal… with the tech (you show me a video enhancing program that can take security camera footage and rotate it around an axis to show the other side of a person and I'll eat it), but a reasonably good action flick. Plus, it has Jack Black, Seth Green, and Gabriel Byrne (he has to be cool, he played a priest in Stigmata and Satan in End of Days, back to back).

But, in the current global environment, parts of it feel more like a documentary. A congressman on Larry King says "perspective changes when buildings start blowing up"… meaning it's OK to invade every aspect of our personal lives with bugs and taps and tunneling electron microscopes mounted on orbiting surveillance satellites powered by patriotism.

Holy crap I need to stop watching the news. Or have my cynicism levels checked… I think the gauge is reading a bit low.

In a related story, the Department of Homeland Security has single-handedly eliminated a Sendmail exploit… with the help of Internet Security Systems who discovered the flaw. And Sendmail. And countless of operating system and application developers. Hurrah bureaucracy. It seems about as plausible as a vampiric Superman, or Hobbits on TV. But not hippie Hobbits… that's just wrong.